Design Fees provides you with thousands of custom design templates to use. Free of charge. HOWEVER, if you would like to pay us to design ANYTHING for you - it makes sense. We are able to put together a unique brochure in an hour or so. ( $70)

or,  we can design a logo for you, or make a collage for your girlfriend`s birthday,  or restore your granny`s wedding photo, or... yes, you got it. Whatever you can think of - we can put it in printing. Our design fees also may include the following:

• Research

• Concept Development

• Thumbnails, Roughs
• Type Design
• Type Specifications

• Layout

• Colour Selections

• Revisions
• Rush Fee


Important: Please email us your requirements and files.

TotalC$ 2.00
Estimated TotalC$ 2.00

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